• Regarding The chorus in general
  • Pretty overcome by emotion this contest about how sweet Adeline and Pacific Empire have impacted my life for the good.

    I joined as soon as I was old enough to be allowed, and have been a member for 43 years. My mother and step-father were already involved and the Barbershopping bug got me too. Our family vacations were all built around where the next Barbershop contest would be. I've seen many wonderful places in the US and have friends all over the world. Simply, the music fills my soul. I have Life-Long Friends whom I cherish. They have lifted me in good times and bad... thick and thin.
    I've learned so much by being a Sweet Adeline, not just singing. It has helped in growing my management skills, organizational skills, budgeting, stage management and social skills.

    I'm a 49-year member of Sweet Adelines, daughter of a barbershopper and mother of a barbershop brat. Most of my life has revolved around this wonderful hobby. It has sustained me through some trying times in my life, and I've made long-lasting friendships and met my husband at a barbershop campout.

    Pacific Empire, then called Santa Rosa, was the first Sweet Adeline chorus I ever heard. I think I went to the charter show when I was at Analy High School in the '60s. I've been in 7 other chapters in Region 12. I feel like I came home joining PEC almost two years ago. This chorus has a wonderful director, and an unique blend of excellence and friendliness. No matter how I feel when I get here, I feel better at the end of the night.

    "I've been a proud member of PEC since 1990. I came for the music and competitions, but I stayed for the friendships. There is something special about singing harmony - it connects you to others in a way that is deeper than conversation or experiences. It's on the emotional level. The other reason I've been a member for so long is that I continually learn something new about my voice and the craft of singing. Our director is a wonderful role model, both in singing and in life."

    "I am a 5-year chorus member and have loved every minute of it. I moved to Northern California not knowing anyone in the area. I found PEC on Meetup.com when I posted music as an interest. I am part of a community of wonderful creative and fun-loving women and have made lifelong friendships. No matter what has gone on in my week, singing just lifts the soul!"

    "I found this chorus at a particularly low point in my personal life. I happened to walk by as they were singing at a festival and their performance made me stop in my tracks. They looked like they were having SO much fun and it was absolutely contagious! They were so warm and friendly, the second they stopped performing they invited me to a guest night. They were this bright light in an otherwise dark time for me and I chose to sprint right towards it. Coming to practice and singing with these ladies is like being wrapped in a warm hug you didn't know you needed. For someone with no family nearby, this community feels like the next best thing." ---New Member

    "I first thought, 'this might be fun' upon stumbling across a NextDoor post about PEC. I had no idea of the heaps of fun in store for me -- new friends, the joy of singing, mental and physical stimulation, and connection to my community. I'm so glad I checked it out!" ---New Member

    "When I joined, I felt elevated, exhilarated. I felt ACCEPTED! by a group of wonderful COMMITTED women. " ---New Member


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